Sureset Mounting Block 122mm2 Light Grey for Corrugated Iron
  • Sureset CMB Multi-Purpose Mounting Blocks for corrugated iron.
  • Designed to suit the profile of Stratco corrugated iron, this mounting block provides a flat surface to mount a multitude of fixtures such as weatherproof power points, isolators, light fittings etc, and is moulded with four countersunk mounting holes to align perfectly with the ridges of the corrugated iron.
  • Measures 122mm x 122mm and has a projection from the wall of just 4mm.
  • Provides a neat, professional finish for domestic situations.
  • Use two CMB mounting blocks for larger equipment.
  • Available in White, Black, Light and Dark Grey colours.
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Code Cat# Type Application Dimensions (W x H mm) Colour
CMBLG CMB,LG Mounting Block Corrugated Iron 122mm x 122mm Light Grey
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