From humble beginnings to being stronger than ever before, our philosophy at Hamer is simple: deliver the best quality electrical tools from around the world to the New Zealand market.

Hamer imports quality tools and electrical products from around the world. Our products are found behind the scenes in homes, offices, factories, power networks and anywhere humans control their environments – from water management in agriculture to air quality in the work space.

Hamer promises to ‘Deliver Certainty’ to the electrical industry, and we believe our quality products add an element of safety to every aspect of electrical activity in New Zealand. Whether it be the tools used in installation and maintenance or electrical components that energise and protect equipment, Hamer only distributes and supports quality products.


Hamer is a 100% family-owned, New Zealand business that has proudly supported other New Zealand businesses since 1938.

At Hamer we value:

  • Safety – we care about the safety of our staff, customers and the public. Our products’ quality and design are important in helping our customers avoid risk
  • Being Straight Up and Reliable – we do what we say and we make it happen
  • Real People – we are a professional team of individuals and we like to have fun
  • High Quality – our service, people, solutions and products are aligned to only deliver quality results
  • Customer-Centric – our philosophy is to exceed customer expectations
  • Proud of Our Brands – Hamer represents quality and performance


Why Hamer?

We can provide our clients with the confidence that we can deliver certainty to their business, every time.

Talk to our team to ensure you are getting the best value and reliability for your business and customers.

Delivering Certainty
Since 1938