Meet Our Team.

Here at Hamer we pride ourselves on having a truly diverse team, dedicated to excellence in customer service and in-depth product knowledge. Please feel free to contact us any time.

Head Office

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Geoffrey Sullivan - General Manager

Geoffrey joined Hamer in 2005 and enjoys leading through a focus on staff, customers and brands. Previous roles in the Telco industry in Europe developed his appreciation for creating value, and the challenge of great leadership.

As the electrical industry evolves, demands increase for both product quality and supply chain performance. Geoffrey works through the suppliers and channel partners to ensure Hamer’s brands are top performers by any measure.

Telephone: 021 376 787

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Evan Taylor - National Brand Manager

Evan Taylor has worked for Hamer Ltd since July 2005, starting with the Customer Services team, moving to Sales and then as the Product Manager in November 2011. From February 2018 Evan is the National Brand Manager responsible for the marketing and product management of Hamer's brands for distribution throughout the wholesale markets.

 Evan is passionate about quality products and delivering service that is known as the best in the industry

Telephone: 021 669 157

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Area Managers Wholesale

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Richard Seaton - Area Sales Manager South Island

Richard Seaton has been in a sales based role for the past 27 years and has a particular strength in tools. In his role as Area Sales Manager South Island, he is responsible for “delivering certainty” to customers through direct communication/demonstration at branch level and to the end users directly.

Richard has built up a wealth of experience through listening and learning during countless sales training courses and formal schooling, including completing a Diploma in Management Development.

Telephone: 021 357 100

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Colin Rea - Area Sales Manager Central & Lower NI

Colin Rea has been working in the electrical industry for over 30 years, with most of that time spent in electrical wholesalers in the UK. Since moving to New Zealand in 2006, Colin has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience as Area Manager of the Central North Island.

Colin has a passion for sales and bringing quality products and service to his customer base.

Telephone: 021 341 307

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Colin Ford - Area Sales Manager Auckland, Upper NI

Colin Ford has been employed in the electrical industry for over 45 years, with 42 of those years spent in a sales roll looking after customers’ requirements and needs. He is a long service employee of Hamer Limited, and has a wealth of knowledge selling our quality products. 

Telephone: 021 330 524

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