TA45 Rocker Switch Thermal Circuit Breaker with Illuminated Switch
TA45 A12 Rocker Switch.jpg
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  • TA45 rocker switch with illuminated switch.
  • Snap-in style with quick connect terminals.
  • 2 pole rocker actuated switch with 1 pole thermal overload protection and illuminated switch.
Code Cat# Model Number Rating (Amps)
WB3706 4430.0906 TA45 A12 6F J10 C0 1.0
WB3722 4430.1041 TA45 A12 6F 030 C0 3.0
WB3950 4430.0560 TA45 A12 6F 140 C0 14.0
WB3711 4430.0558 TA45 A12 6F 160 C0 16.0
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