Bowthorpe Heavy Duty Line Taps and Palms (Assembled)
  • Tinned brass, heavy duty line tap with palms assembled.
  • Precision machined components, designed for electrical and mechanical reliability.
  • Made from tin plated, British Standards high tensile brass (BS1872 SN6C).
  • Resilient to heat cycling (BS3288:1).
  • Able to accept multiple conductor sizes.
  • Cost effective.
  • Accepts two conductors.
Code Cat# Line Tap Size Cross Section (mm²) Conductor External Diameter (mm) Max Torque Setting (Mn)
BL920 HD12A&P HD12A 16-35 5.3 - 8.12 20-25
BL560 HD14A&P HD14 25-70 7.3 - 11.17 50-55
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