Flexelec CSC2 Flexdrain Drain-line Heaters
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  • CSC2 Drainline heaters for cold store drain pipes.
  • Switched on only during defrosting cycle.
  • The cables must never be cut to shorten the 1m long cold tail.
  • Totally waterproof.
  • Double insulation.
  • Moulded terminations.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Silicone insulation.
  • Voltage 230V as standard.
  • Permissible surface temperature -70°C to +200°C.
  • Not suitable for PVC pipes.
  • NOTE - Heat trace cable must be installed in accordance with current AS/NZS Standards.
  • Please refer to manufacturers instructions before installing Flexelec product.
Code Cat# Length Watts/m
JH445 CSC2-40W, 1.0m 1m 40W/m
JH450 CSC2-52W, 1.3m 1.3m 52W/m
JH455 CSC2-60W, 1.5m 1.5m 60W/m
JH460 CSC2-80W, 2.0m 2m 80W/m
JH465 CSC2-120W, 3.0m 3m 120W/m
JH470 CSC2-160W, 4.0m 4m 160W/m
JH475 CSC2-200W, 5.0m 5m 200W/m
JH480 CSC2-240W, 6.0m 6m 240W/m
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