Flexelec CSC2K Flexdrain Drain-Line Heaters with Built-In Thermostat
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  • CSC2K heaters are designed to be placed at the bottom of collector trays inside refrigeration equipment in cold rooms, to prevent freezing and to allow condensate water to flow freely.
  • The integrated thermostat makes them fully autonomous.
  • The cables must never be cut to shorten the 1m long cold tail.
  • The round part of the thermostat must be placed in the best position to collect information.
  • Fully sealed.
  • Double insulation.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Voltage 230V as standard.
  • Permissible surface temperature -40°C to +110°C.
  • NOTE - Heat trace cable must be installed in accordance with current AS/NZS Standards.
  • Please refer to manufacturers instructions before installing Flexelec product.
Code Cat# Length Watts/m
CSC2K1M CSC2K/1/40-2 1m 40W/m
CSC2K13M CSC2K/1.3/52-2 1.3m 52W/m
CSC2K15M CSC2K/1.5/60-2 1.5m 60W/m
CSC2K2M CSC2K/2/80-2 2m 80W/m
CSC2K3M CSC2K/3/120-2 3m 120W/m
CSC2K4M CSC2K/4/160-2 4m 160W/m
CSC2K5M CSC2K/5/200-2 5m 200W/m
CSC2K6M CSC2K/6/240-2 6m 240W/m
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