Dymo Rhino™ Industrial Permanent Polyester Labels
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  • Dymo Rhino™ industrial permanent polyester labels are ideal for labelling flat and textured surfaces - patch panels, blocks, shelves, beams and more.
  • Polished finish for a professional look.
  • UV, water, chemical and oil resistant.
  • UL recognised as a component to UL 969.
  • For use in Dymo industrial labellers 4200, 5200 and 6000.
  • Note - 24mm can only be used in 6000 machine.
Code Cat# Text Colour Label Colour Dimensions W x L
DY1805442 1805442 Black White 6mm x 5.5m
DY18482 SD18482 Black White 9mm x 5.5m
DY18483 SD18483 Black White 12mm x 5.5m
DY18484 SD18484 Black White 19mm x 5.5m
DY1805440 1805440 Black Clear 6mm x 5.5m
DY622289 622289 Black Clear 12mm x 5.5m
DY622290 622290 Black Clear 19mm x 5.5m
DY18485 18485 Black Metallic 9mm x 5.5m
DY18486 18486 Black Metallic 12mm x 5.5m
DY18487 18487 Black Metallic 19mm x 5.5m
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