Saginomiya 4-Way Reversing Valve
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  • Pilot operated 4-way reversing valve, suitable for heat pump applications on unitary, split system and window type air conditioners, etc.
  • For use with R410A refrigerant.
  • Reliable changeover operation.
  • Designed for instantaneous reversing and operations under small minimum pressure differential between the high and low side.
  • Pressure drop across the valve and valve leakage are minimised.
  • Provided with drip proof resin encapsulated solenoid coil (SG961).
Code Cat# Maximum Working Pressure Ambient Temperature Port Size Reference Capacity Connections
SG941 STF-0201G 4.15MPa {42.3kgf/cm2} -20 to 55°C 11.1mm 2.6 TON (2.8-11.4kW) Compressor discharge: 3/8" OD, suction and coils: 1/2" OD
SG948 STF-0214G As above As above 11.1mm 3 TON (2.8-11.4kW) Compressor discharge: 1/2" OD, suction and coils: 5/8" OD
SG950 STF-0408G As above As above 15.5mm 6 TON (8.3-29.2kW) Compressor discharge: 1/2" OD, suction and coils: 3/4" OD
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