Saginomiya SNS Stainless Steel Single Pressure Control (Manual Reset)
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  • Stainless steel, single pressure control with manual reset.
  • For use with ammonia, fluorinated refrigerants as well as with air and water.
  • Allowable fluid temp: -20°C - 120°C.
  • Supplied with mounting bracket.
  • SPDT contact mechanism.
  • 1/4" - 18 NPT female thread.
Code Cat# Pressure Range Electrical Ratings Power Factor (COSФ) Electrical Ratings 125/250V AC
SG262 SNS-C106XM2N Range: -60 to 600KPa (-8.7 to 87 PSI) Manual reset. Trips on pressure decrease. Non-inductive current: 1 | Inductive current - Full load: 0.75, Locked Rotor: 0.45 Non-inductive current: 12 | Inductive current - Full load: 12, Locked Rotor: 72
SG291 SNS-C130XM2N Range: 500 to 3000KPa (72.5 to 435.1 PSI) Manual reset. Trips on pressure decrease As above As above
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