Flexelec FST/T Self Limiting Heat Trace Cable with Copper Braid
Flexelec FST.jpg


  • Self-regulating cables of the FST range are used to protect against freezing or to maintain moderate temperatures.

  • Recommended for protecting against freezing in gutters.

  • With tinned copper braid for mechanical protection and earthing.

  • Power supply 230V.

  • Can be cut to length (sold per metre).

  • To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.

  • NOTE - Heat trace cable must be installed in accordance with current AS/NZS Standards.

  • Please refer to manufacturers instructions before installing Flexelec product.

Code Cat# Watts/m Maximum Circuit Length
FSTT302 FST/T30-2 31W/m 110m
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