Powerforce Stainless Steel COATED 316SS Cable Tie
POWCTSS2004 100 Angle

Material: Stainless Steel 316SS with Epoxy coating

Suitable for engineering, aviation, ship area.


  • Made from AISI 316 (DIN EN 1.4401) Grade SS316 Material
  • Self-locking Ball-Lock design
  • Epoxy and Pure Polyester Coating
  • Smooth Black surface finish
  • Temperature range -80 °C to +150 °C
  • Chemical, Corrosion, Salt Spray and UV resistant
  • Halogen Free
  • Non-Magnetic
  • ROHS compliant according to EU directive
Powerforce 1
Code Cat# Description Max Single Loop Dia Min Tensile Strength Pack Qty
POWCTSSC2004-100 POWCTSSC2004/100 316SS Coated 200mm x 4.6mm 59mm 68kg 100
POWCTSSC2008-50 POWCTSSC2008/50 316SS Coated 200mm x 8mm 59mm 136kg 50
POWCTSSC3004-100 POWCTSSC3004/100 316SS Coated 300mm x 4.6mm 90mm 68kg 100
POWCTSSC3008-50 POWCTSSC3008/50 316SS Coated 300mm x 8mm 90mm 136kg 50
POWCTSSC3604-100 POWCTSSC3604/100 316SS Coated 360mm x 4.6mm 110mm 68kg 100
POWCTSSC3608-50 POWCTSSC3608/50 316SS Coated 360mm x 8mm 110mm 136kg 50
POWCTSSC5204-100 POWCTSSC5204/100 316SS Coated 520mm x 4.6mm 161mm 68kg 100
POWCTSSC5208-50 POWCTSSC5208/50 316SS Coated 520mm x 8mm 161mm 136kg 50
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