SAL Indoor Occupancy PIR Sensor
sms803 2

Infrared sensors - surface / recessed occupancy

Recessed or surface mount infrared interior sensor

Design Specifications

  • Switched power 2000W incandescent, 600W, Fluorescent, 300W LED
  • Standby power <1W
  • Detection distance Max. 18 m in diameter
  • Detection angle 360° , Duration Time / 10sec / 40min adjustable
  • Dawn to dusk adjustable, mounting height Max. 3m
  • Manual override mode: When the lamp(s) is switched on, turn the lamp(s) off/on twice within 3 seconds, the sensor will go to an 8-hour override mode, during which the lamp(s) will stay on. The sensor will then return to normal detection mode During override mode, turn the lamp(s) on/off twice within 3 seconds or turn off the lamp(s) for over 10 seconds, the sensor will return to normal detection mode.

In-Built Sensor - YES
Sensor Type - PIR

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Code Cat# Description Input Voltage (V/AC) Body Colour
SMS803CD SMS803CD PIR SEN. 600W 360 DEG. WH G1-G2 240 WHITE
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