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Teaflex 6BBN Elbow Fittings.jpg
Teaflex 90° ECO Nylon Elbow Fittings  
Teaflex DM Locknuts.jpg
Teaflex Brass Locknuts
Teaflex ECO Nylon Fitting Tool
Teaflex DPN locknuts.jpg
Teaflex ECO Nylon Locknut
Teaflex 6BSM Straight Fittings.jpg
Teaflex ECO Nylon Straight Fittings
Teaflex BSC tube clamps.jpg
Teaflex ECO Nylon Tube Clamp
Teaflex GLMN Fittings.jpg
Teaflex GL PVC Straight Fittings
Teaflex CMCC Elbow Fittings.jpg
Teaflex LPU Liquid Tight Elbow Fitting
Teaflex LPU CMMF Fittings.jpg
Teaflex LPU Liquid Tight Straight Fitting

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