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23 : 04 : 20

Never be left in the dark

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With Theben Premium theLuxa sensors


Designed to withstand harsh environments, rated IP55 and capable of switching high LED inrush currents of up to 600W, theLuxa Premium P220 motion detectors from Theben offer stylish reliability.

Ideal for illuminating larger outdoor spaces including car parks, commercial properties and hotels, the P220 sensors can be installed on walls or ceilings and offer a detection range of up to 16m and a 220 degree detection angle. Installation of lens attachments supplied with the unit lets you reduce the detection area and, with single-handed plug-in installation, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

With automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness you can ensure a warm welcome all year round.

But where theLuxa Premium P220 motion detectors offer extra advantage is the innovative way Theben has solved the problem of high inrush current when switching LED lights.

While LED lighting brings many benefits over traditional filament bulbs, often overlooked is the inrush current delivered by an LED driver at start-up.

This high but short-in-duration current is required to charge the capacitors to power the lamps and this initial amplitude is much greater than the operating current. These high in-rush currents can damage the conductors of inferior sensors, often resulting in a shorter than expected life span of the sensor.

TheLuxa P range of motion detectors by Theben are equipped with a tungsten pre-contact that protects the switching relay and takes over the capacitive switching load, resulting in longer life of the conductors and the sensor itself.

  • Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness
  • 220 degree detection and up to 16m range
  • Switches up to 600W of LED load
  • IP55 for outdoor wall or ceiling use
  • Adjustable brightness switching value and switch-off delay
  • Sensitivity can be reduced to limit detection area
  • Ideal for large and commercial properties such as offices, hotels, schools, car parks and warehouses

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