Flexelec Electronic Thermostat -30 to 120°C
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  • The FX/TM2 range of electronic thermostats is used for accurate temperature control when using heat trace tape.
  • Using a control device ensures the heating element is only energised when necessary, which increases its lifetime.
  • The heating element will not overheat, and energy consumption is kept to a minimum.
  • Din rail mounting.
  • The 3 metre sensor can be extended and positioned 50m away from the thermostat.
  • Current rating 10A.
  • Contact rating 20A AC1.
  • Power supply from 200-250VAC.
  • Accuracy +/-1% of temperature range.
  • Dimensions 87 x 53 x 58mm.
  • Temperature display +/- 1°C.
  • Adjustable differential from 1 to 9°C.
  • CTN sensor 10 000 Ω at + 25°C.
  • Sensor length 3m.
  • Use FX/BOITIER option for fitting in an IP54 box.
Code Cat# Temperature Range
JH850 FX/TM2/120 -30 to 120°C
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