Greenlee Circuit Seeker Tracer Kit
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  • Taking advantage of patented non-directional sensing technology, the Greenlee CS-8000 Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer promises to locate circuits that other units can’t.
  • Utilising both visual and audible signals in an ergonomically-designed handset, the CS-8000 is able to trace concealed wires (behind walls, in floors, in non-metallic conduit, etc.) without power interruption on circuits ranging from 0-750 volts AC or DC.
  • The CS-8000 provides the ability to locate breakers for any circuit - live or open.
  • Easy to use and amazingly accurate, the Greenlee CS-8000 Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer will prove itself to be standard equipment for the contractor team when accurate tracing and locating is required.
  • As part of the Greenlee Test and Measurement Product line, the CS-8000 Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer meets the latest industry safety standards and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Power saving features promote extended battery life (Auto Power Off).
  • Can be used on GFCI protected circuits.
  • Supports transmitter-to-receiver distances up to 4 miles for closed circuit tracing.
  • Does not affect sensitive electronic equipment on the circuit.
  • Auto backlight on receiver maximises battery life.
  • Transmitter and receiver both take two AA batteries (NEDA 15A or IEC LR6).
Code Cat# Operating Conditions Transmitter Specs Receiver Specs Products with Kit
GLCS8000 CS-8000 Temperature: 0 to +50°C. Altitude: 2000m maximum. Pollution Degree: 2. Indoor use only. Measurement Category: Category III, 750V. Operating Voltage: 0-750V AC/DC. Live line LED indicates voltage above 12 VAC or 5 VDC. Frequency: 15.15 kHz. Low battery indicator. Range from receiver to item with signal: Live line mode - up to 6m from circuit; Open line Mode - Up to 3m with a metallic connection to ground. 0.3 to 0.9m with capacitive ground reference. Low battery indicator. Receiver alligator clips x 2, AC Blade, AC plug adapter, Extension leads x 2, carry case.
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