Spikefree 4 Individually Switched Outlet Metal Cased Multi Box
CMC645SWU obsolete
  • Robust metal case easily wall mountable.
  • 6 x USB charging ports.
  • 4 x 10amp individually switched outlets, one wide spaced for adaptors.
  • Strong, robust, durable metal cased surge and spike protected multibox.
  • Excellent for workshops, office or home - indoor use.
  • Easily wall mountable and provided with a 10A circuit breaker with visual on indication.
  • Metal oxide varistor (MOV) surge protection.
  • AS/NZS certificate approval no SAA-141446-EA.

Product is no longer in production. Refer to closest alternatives CMC125J or CMC135J (these have no USB ports)

Code Cat# Input Voltage Protection Mode Max. Surge Current USB Outlet Sockets (x6) Cord Length
CMC645SWU CMC645SWU 230-240Vac 50Hz PN, NE, PE Total shots 18,000A, Three shots 6000A 5Vdc Max. 4200mA 1m
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