Flash 54185F Room Thermostat
  • 8°C to 30°C basic function wall mounted gas bellow thermostat controller with temperature limiting setting ability.
  • Great for home or office where there is a need for the temperature to be set due to the concealed limiting jumpers.
  • SPDT contact arrangement.
  • 230VAC supply voltage, 50/60Hz.
  • IP30, double insulated.
  • CE Certified EN60730-1, EN60730-2-9.
Code Cat# Temperature Range Switching Capacity Connection Capacity Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Dimensions
FT54185F 54185F 8°C to 30°C 10Amp AC1 230V AC max resistive load 2.5mm² to 0.75mm² flexible or rigid cables -108°C to 558°C -258°C to 708°C 90mm x 85mm x 30mm
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