Klein 56028 Magnetic LED Flashlight with Worklight
  • The new Klein Tools® magnetic LED Flashlight with Worklight is a better alternative than a large, heavy flashlight when working in low light areas.
  • This light is both a bright, focused flashlight and a broadcasting flood light in one small package.
  • Just secure the light on a metal surface with the strong magnet for convenient hands-free function.
  • Glow ring tip charges while the light is on and allows for easy retrieval in the dark and in your tool bag.
  • Waterproof (IP67) and dustproof.
  • Aluminum body with cushion-grip handle.
  • Pocket clip for easy, convenient access.
  • 3m drop protection.
  • Operating as: Flashlight, 235 Lumens for approx 6hrs / Worklight, 100 Lumens for approx 12hrs.
  • 3x AAA batteries included.
  • Standards: CE, REACH, RoHS Compliant, FL1.
Code Cat# Type Style Lumens Run Time Protection Batteries Special Features Weight
KL56028 56028 LED Flash light Aluminium with cushion grip Flashlight 235 / Worklight 100 Flashlight 6hrs/ Worklight 12hrs 3m Drop / IP67 3 x AAA included Side worklight and strong magnetic base 0.16kg
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