Theben theMova S360-100DEWH PIR Sensor 360deg White Ceiling 1Ch
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  • Passive-infrared motion detector for ceiling installation, White.
  • Automatic motion and brightness-dependent control for lighting.
  • Round 360° detection area up to 64 m2 (Ø 9 m).
  • Installation height 1,8 to 4mt.
  • Mixed light measurement suitable for fluorescent lamps (FL/PL/ESL), halogen/incandescent lamps and LEDs.
  • Operating voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz.
  • Protection rating IP40 (when fitted).
  • Channel A light, relay - 1 NO contact 230V / 10A, 2300W or 1150VA (cos ϕ = 0,5).
  • Fully automatic operation - configurable brightness switching value approx 30 – 3000 Lux.
  • Teach-in function.
  • Time delay 10 s – 60 min.
  • Pulse function for staircase light timer switch.
  • Configurable sensitivity - ready for operation immediately thanks to factory presetting.
  • Can be configured remotely with remote control.
  • Test mode to check function and detection area.
  • Installation in hollow ceilings with springs.
  • Ceiling cut-out Ø 62 – 70 mm, installation depth 74 mm.
  • Ready for immediate use due to factory presetting (Brightness switching value 300 lux, Time delay 10 min).
  • One of these optional remote controls is required for changing the values and attitudes - Management remote control SendoPro, Installation remote control theSenda P, Optional user remote control: theSenda S.
Code Cat# Type Detection Colour Features Indoor Use Installation Height Power
1030560 1030560 Motion Detector (PIR) 360° up to 9mt Ø White Teach-in and Pulse functions, 1Ch for Light IP40 (when fitted) 1,8 to 4mt 230V AC, 50Hz
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