Theben RAMSES 722 Analogue Clock Thermostat With Daily/ Weekly Program
7220030_RAMSES 722.jpg
  • Analogue clock thermostat with a low profile design for time-dependent monitoring and control of room temperature.
  • Mains version.
  • Tappet program disc with daily or weekly program.
  • Synchronous motor drive.
  • Normal and reduced temperature can be set separately.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Operating point and electronic recirculation are set from the front.
  • Party switch and program display.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Selector switch for operating mode: continuous reduced temperature, continuous normal temperature, automatic mode, frost and plant protection +6 °C.
Code Cat# Supply Voltage Current Resistive Current Inductive Type of Installation Switching Differential Shortest Switching Times
7220030 7220030 230 - 240 V AC 6A 1A Wall mount 0,4 - 1,2 K 20 min to 120 min
TD_7220030 RAMSES 722 technical drawing.jpg

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