Theben RAMSES706 Room Temperature Controller 5 to 30°
7060001_RAMSES 706.jpg
  • Room temperature controller with thermal feedback.
  • Switch for heating ON/OFF + indicator lamp.
  • Integrated temperature reduction (approx 4 K) possible via control with time switch.
  • Suitable for all types of heating, e.g gas, water, electric heating with central/individual room control.
  • Setting controller with mechanical setting limit or detection.
Code Cat# Supply Voltage Switching Capacity @ 230V AC Type of Contact Type of Protection Protection Class Control Accuracy
7060001 7060001 230 - 240 V AC 10 (4) A NC contact IP 30 II according to EN 60 730-1 approx. 1 K, thermal recirculation
TD_7060001 RAMSES 706 technical drawing.jpg

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