Theben DIMAX 532plus Universal Dimmer Control
5320001_DIMAX 532 plus.jpg
  • Universal dimmer for R, L and C loads with automatic load detection.
  • Switch-on brightness can be saved individually.
  • Adjustable minimum brightness (required for ESL and LED).
  • Multi-voltage input, eg for intercoms.
  • Low stand-by consumption.
  • Memory function in the event of power failure.
  • Automatic electronic overload and overheating switch-off.
  • Dimming switch-on function.
  • Permanent ON function (test function).
  • No minimum load requirement.
  • Soft ON and Soft OFF protects the light.
  • The dimming output can be upgraded by using additional dimmboosters "DMB 1 T KNX" - dimming output 300 W/VA for each dimmbooster.
Code Cat# Supply Voltage Installation Type Capacity Loss Max Protection Class Type of Protection
5320001 5320001 230 V AC DIN Rail 4,5 W II IP 20
TD_5320001 DIMAX 532 plus technical drawing.jpg

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