Theben LUNA 131DDC Combination Sensor
1319700_LUNA 131 DDC KNX.jpg
  • Combination sensor with analogue output signal.
  • Can be used for brightness and temperature measurement.
  • Each of the two measurement outputs represents a 0-10 V analogue output signal.
  • The sensor can be connected directly to the analogue inputs of the PHARAO devices (24 V DC).
  • Controls and regulators can be programmed with the signal converter, range compare and Schmitt trigger function modules.
  • External 24 V DC power unit required.
Code Cat# Supply Voltage Installation Type Measuring Range Brightness Measuring Range of Brightness Type of Protection
1319700 1319700 24 V DC Surface-mounted 10 - 50000 lx -30 °C to 70 °C IP 54
TD_1319700 LUNA 131 DDC technical drawing.jpg

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