Theben LUNA 122top2RCEL Digital Twilight Switch
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  • Twilight switch with integrated weekly timer
  • External light sensor included in delivery
  • Variable lux values can be set for each day for each day of the week
  • Fixed ON and OFF times (e.g.night time interruption) can be programmed independent of brightness
  • 2 special programmes with yearly function
    • (e.g.24/12/2007 to 6/01/2008): Variable lux values and switching times can be set for each special program.
  • DCF77 radio controlled via external antenna.
  • 2 channels.
  • Holiday and public holiday program with yearly function for fixed and Easter-dependent public holidays.
  • Different summer/winter time rules can be selected or freely defined.
  • Channel-independent operating hours counter.
  • 2 external control inputs.
  • Switching brightness digitally adjustable.
  • Adjustable On and Off switching delay to avoid switching errors caused by lightning, car headlights etc preset 1 minute.
  • Switching brightness and switching delay can be set separately for switching On and Off.
  • Onscreen display of channel and switching status as well as current lux value.
  • DuoFix spring terminals for 2 conductors per connection terminal.
  • Zero-cross switching for relay-saving switching and high lamp loads (not with 24 V devices).
  • Up to 4 sensors can be attached.
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected to a digital sensor.
  • Interface for OBELISK top2 memory card (PC programming).
    • 2 insertable switching program.
    • Copying programs.
    • Storing programs.
  • External light sensor included in delivery.
  • Extended brightness range.
  • Permanent switching ON/OFF.
  • Test function (Permanent ON) to check the installation independently of set brightness value.
  • Switching preselection.
  • Display back light (can be turned off).
  • PIN coding.
  • External input for switches or button.
  • Operating hour counter with reminder function.
Code Cat# Supply Voltage Current resistive Current Inductive Number of Channels Setting range brightness Switch-on delay Switch-off delay
1220200 1220200 100 - 240 V AC 16 A 10 A 2 1 - 99000 lx 0 - 59 min 0 - 59 min
TD_1220200 LUNA 122 top2 RC EL technical drawing.jpg

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