Theben LUXA 103-360/2 PIR Ceiling Motion Detector 360deg White
1030011 LUXA 103-360-2.jpg
  • Motion detector (PIR).
  • Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness.
  • 2 channels.
  • 2 relays for HVAC control with adjustable switch-off delay, presence-dependent, potential-free.
  • Ceiling installation for suspended ceilings.
  • Mixed light measurement suitable for the control of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lamps.
  • Zero-cross switching for relay-saving switching and high lamp loads.
  • Sensor head can be adjusted downwards by 45° in 15° stages thus allowing detection area to be changed to avoid switching the device on unnecessarily.
  • Ceiling cut-out of 65 – 68 mm diameter.
  • Easy installation via two clamping brackets.
  • System consists of power box and sensor with plugged connection cable.
  • Large clamping area for quick installation.
  • Single-handed plug-in installation with captive screws.
  • Instant start-up possible via factory preset.
  • No unintentional adjustment due to covered up controls.
  • Adjustable brightness switching value and switch-off delay.
  • Sensitivity can be reduced to limit detection area.
  • Pulse function.
  • Test function.
Code Cat# Type Detection Angle Colour Features Indoor Use Installation Height Power
1030011 1030011 Motion Detector (PIR) 360° White Adj sensor 45° downwards in 15° stages IP 41 (Sensor), IP 20 (power module) 2 to 3 mt 230V AC, 50-60Hz, 10A
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