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1020712_theLeda E10LBK.jpg
Theben theLeda E10LBK LED Spotlight 10Watt Black
1020711_theLeda E10L WH.jpg
Theben theLeda E10LWH LED Spotlight 10Watt White
1020714_theLeda E20L BK.jpg
Theben theLeda E20LBK LED Spotlight 20Watt Black
1020713_theLeda E20L WH.jpg
Theben theLeda E20LWH LED Spotlight 20Watt White
1020716 theLeda E30L BK.jpg
Theben theLeda E30LBK LED Spotlight 30Watt Black
1020715 theLeda E30L WH.jpg
Theben theLeda E30LWH LED Spotlight 30Watt White
1020742 theLeda P12L AL.jpg
Theben theLeda P12LAL LED Spotlight 11Watt Aluminium
1020741 theLeda P12L WH.jpg
Theben theLeda P12LWH LED Spotlight 11Watt White
1020744 theLeda P24L AL.jpg
Theben theLeda P24LAL 2xLED Spotlight 20W Aluminium
1020743 theLeda P24L WH.jpg
Theben theLeda P24LWH 2xLED Spotlight 20Watt White
Theben theLeda S10L BK LED Spotlight Black 4000K 10W IP55
Theben theLeda S10L WH LED Spotlight White 4000K 10W IP55
Theben theLeda S20L BK 2xLED Spotlights Black 4000K 20W IP55
Theben theLeda S20L WH 2xLED Spotlights White 4000K 20W IP55

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