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Upgrading office lighting with SSL low glare panels

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Computer Dynamics requested a lighting solution for their Christchurch office.

Computer Dynamics requested a lighting solution for their Christchurch office which provided a 1 for 1 replacement with existing 3 x 36w fluorescent which had 80s optics, their prerequisite was to have energy savings, plug and play along with office-specific low glare which provided a comfortable working space for their team.

Working with Hamer to find the right solution, they selected the S9784 backlit 1200 x 600 low glare LED panel that was a straight replacement for their old fluorescent fittings.

Computer Dynamics Regional Manager Chris Clemett found that the fittings were “exactly what we were seeking”. After having a play with the selectable colour options and dual wattage we found a temperature and output that worked perfectly for the office. Being able to make that collective decision ourselves before the full fit-out, with the lights in situ was a real positive.”

The Low Glare panel option we chose has a UGR<19 rating and significantly reduces the amount of spill light that is uncontrolled around the working space, in an office environment this means desks, screens and whiteboards and provides the exact amount of lighting needed where it should be.

Along with the low glare option we also required flicker-free control, this allows us to use a number of high-definition camera products we trial and sell on screens without the disruption from our lighting installed.

Clemett said “we noticed the difference immediately. The office feels more comfortable and working on your computer is much easier.”

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