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Klein next generation of Scout Pro 3 VDV Testers

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The Scout Pro 3 tester starter kit provides a versatile voice, data and video cable tester.


Klein Tools’ Scout® Pro 2 is a great tool for testing continuity on data, voice and video connections. Yet there was more Klein could and wanted to do. This brought to life the first in the next generation of Scout Pro VDV Testers.

The Scout® Pro 3 tester starter kit (VDV501-851) provides a versatile voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45) and video (coax F-connector) cable tester that locates and tests coax, data and telephone cables. It allows you to identify cable runs with the included five location mapping remotes. This kit verifies accurate cable installation, every time.

The large backlit LCD screen assists in reading results in lower light and features a voltage warning icon, shield detection, and a low battery indicator. It will also power-off automatically, extending the battery life even further.

The Scout® Pro 3 kit measures cable length up to 610 meters. Length constant value can be adjusted for different cable types. This is handy for knowing how much cable to charge out on a job when measuring the roll before and after an install. It also tests for open, short, miswire or split-pair faults helping you easily identify if cabling has any issues.

The five location remotes allow you to map and ID multiple cable runs in a single step while the Hub Blink mode identifies the port location on a hub or a switch.

As well as cable testing, it also tones wires from 800hz to 1500hz individually, in pairs, or on all 8 wires at once. Use Klein VDV500-123 Probe PRO or VDV500-705 Tone & Probe to trace tone.

The Scout® Pro 3 is the first of its kind and is a remarkable step up from the Scout Pro 2 in terms of smarts and capabilities. Klein Tools once again show their worth in developing quality tools that outperform the rest.



  • Test voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45) and video (Coax F-connector) terminated cables.
  • Test for open, short, miswire or split-pair faults.
  • Cable length, wiremap, cable ID, shielded cable, voltage warning.
  • Measure cable length up to 610m / Adjustable length constant.
  • Large backlit LCD screen display.
  • Tone generator and Hub blink mode.

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