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09 : 08 : 19

Wifi enabled Borescope from Klein Tools

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Turn your phone into a smart tool!

Displaying, saving and sharing Jobsite images and videos is easy thanks to Klein Tools’ new Wifi Borescope (Cat No. ET20).
Simply download the Klein Wifi Borescope App from Google Play or the App store® and your phone is transformed into a handheld inspection device.
The ET20 Borescope enables you to capture high-quality 640 x 480 images and video directly to your device from up to 9 metres away. It features a waterproof 9mm camera with durable armoured 1.8m flexible gooseneck cable, adjustable onboard LED lights, convenient pocket clip, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Using your phone as a completely separate screen eliminates the need to squeeze into awkward positions to see what’s happening. The Borescope can be clipped onto your belt, freeing up your hands to move the camera while observing the footage on your phone.
Conveniently, you can manipulate the camera view settings from within the app, letting you rotate the image from your phone rather than struggling to reposition the camera and cable. The cameras LED lights, image, and video settings are also all adjustable from within the app and Wifi connectivity lets you instantly share videos and images via text or email.

Complete with onboard battery indicator and a Wifi connection indicator, the ET20 Wifi enabled Borescope has an IP67 camera and IP42 body and is drop rated to 3m.

  • Transmits and displays images and video directly to compatible smartphones up to 9m away.
  • 9mm camera has adjustable LED lights and outputs high-quality 640 x 480 images.
  • 1.8m, IP67 waterproof camera with flexible gooseneck.
  • Share images and videos via text or email on the Klein Tools Borescope App.

Learn more about the Klein ET02 Wifi enabled Borescope here.

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