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Introducing the Reload hole saw range

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Reload range for NZ!


We’re excited to introduce the Re-Load quick-change hole saw range.

Available at electrical wholesalers nationwide from mid-November, ReLoad’s direct-drive system is a world-first in quick-change arbors and delivers maximum strength on any job.

Our new Reload range includes three kits; one for the installation or retrofitting of downlights, and 2 complete kits that cater to bigger jobs incorporating varied applications and hole sizes. Each kit is designed with quality and superior performance as key attributes.

Just one heavy-duty ReLoad arbor is all you need to accommodate a range of saw sizes from 14mm to 200mm.
The quick attach and release arbor is designed to prevent jamming and ensure effortless blade changes within seconds and its build tough enough for both electrical and industrial use.

Thanks to the interchangeability of the arbor and boss adapters, any brand and size of hole saw can be upgraded to quick change for use on a Re-Load arbor.

Re-Load also offers an easy and accurate solution for enlarging existing holes with its unique Two-Up system, which means one saw can be inserted inside another. Simply match the inner saw to the existing hole diameter and the outer saw to the new diameter you want. The inner saw will guide the outer saw resulting in a smooth and accurate larger hole centered on the same point.

Re-Load is a great fit for Hamer. Like all the tools we supply, Re-Load is designed for the trade and will be a standout performer.

Look for Reload at your local electrical wholesaler.

View the range here.

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